Pollyanna is an indie-folk combo based in Paris, France, singing in English. A folk rock band with strings, its krafty songwriting and sound makes it reminiscent of Laura Veirs, The Decemberists, PJ Harvey or Anna Ternheim. Pollyanna’s music is both rooted in traditionnal folk (not only American!) and indie rock: they love wood and electricity.

Pollyanna is also a great human adventure. With a very flexible line up, from 1 to 6 musicians on stage. Isabelle (guitar, vocals) met her sidekicks on the road: Bordeaux, Rennes, Paris, Hannover in Germany and Bath in the UK... They love to gather as often as possible live or in a studio. In a nutshell, Pollyanna plays sad songs with a lot of fun!

They are working on a new album, produced by Ceddy Gonod (Coming Soon, Red, Sons Of The Desert) and are about to release a 6-track EP introducing 3 songs from the album. The 3 others are a Kitchen Session: acoustic versions recorded live in the drummer's kitchen, with a folk guitar and kitchenware (spoons, tap water, salad dryer, fan, baby talkie, blender, beer cans...). It will be out in France on April 27th and - wonderful world wide web! - in a selection of stores in the cloud. List coming soon.

Pollyanna has performed some 300 shows in France, elsewhere in Europe (Germany, Benelux, England...) and in the US (clubs in New York, Pittsburgh at Garfield Artworks, Nashville, Folk Alliance in Memphis...) Pollyanna also proudly supported great acts in beautiful venues (Wilco, Bright Eyes, Sleater Kinney, Françoiz Breut, Julie Doiron, Nouvelle Vague, Alela Diane).

The Mainland

by Pollyanna

RELEASE DATE: 18/02/2013

Guitar on her back, Pollyanna takes one final glance back at old Europe, full of history and memories, then steps firmly forward toward the New World … or, at least, that's the story suggested by Pollyanna's second album, “The Mainland,” its cover-art showing a pier by the northern sea, open to the horizon. “The Mainland” is a whirlwind tour of styles and sounds, from Power Pop (“Old Rockers”) to Country (“Broadcast in Heaven”), to Steady (“You're a Tiger”) and, even, Calypso (“I Wish I Worked in a Factory”). But don’t let the varied richness of the twelve tracks’ arrangements fool you, at its heart, this album has a straight-forward honesty that cuts through both the lyrics and the music, and Isabelle’s voice is the core at the center of it all, poised and clear.

1. Real Life Pollyanna 3:16
2. Brighton Pollyanna 3:39
3. About To Rain Pollyanna 3:53
4. You Are A Tiger Pollyanna 2:48
5. Favourite Song Pollyanna 3:26
6. Kids Pollyanna 4:27
7. Bruxelles Pollyanna 4:13
8. Broadcast In Heaven Pollyanna 3:59
9. Old Rockers Pollyanna 3:29
10. I Wish I Worked In A Factory Pollyanna 2:23
11. It's Not The Smoke Pollyanna 3:27
12. Hit The Road Pollyanna 2:59
5 September 2016

Pollyanna - Old Rockers