The BellRays

If music is food for the soul, then The BellRays are Thanksgiving. At a BellRays show they know how to cook. Lisa Kekaula and Bob Vennum dish up plate after plate, hot and ready to eat.
Each song gives you flavors that both taste good going down and make you wonder what's in it. Yes, the ingredients are important, blues, punk, rock, R&B...But even the best ingredients, used too much or too little, can ruin the experience and tire out the senses.
The BellRays have been perfecting this recipe for years now and may not win awards but if you are in earshot no one leaves hungry.
The BellRays give you not only what you crave, but what you need in every bite.


Hard Sweet And Sticky

by The BellRays

RELEASE DATE: 25/03/2008

1. The Same Way The BellRays 3:44
2. One Big Party The BellRays 2:56
3. Infection The BellRays 3:51
4. Coming Down The BellRays 3:01
5. Footprints On Water The BellRays 4:44
6. Blue Against The Sky The BellRays 3:50
7. Psychotic Hate Man The BellRays 2:01
8. The Fire Next Time The BellRays 3:37
9. That's Not The Way It Should Be The BellRays 3:09
10. Wedding Bells The BellRays 6:21
11. Pinball City The BellRays 2:20
Hard Sweet And Sticky
Have A Little Faith